This is a wrapping component for your navigation panel. It is meant to use in synergy with UikContainerHorizontal (see full example how to build a layout). It is styled to have a width of 270px, including some styles such as a border line on the right side.

The css property overflow: auto will make sure the user will be able to scroll if the content doesn't fit the size.

List of related components

PropertyTypeRequiredDefault ValueDescription
classNameStringfalsenullclassName, e.g. "my-custom-styling"
positionRightBooleanfalsefalseRenders border on left side if true
...restanyfalseOther properties are passed down to the wrapping element

Full Example

ComponentExample Code
  <UikNavTitle>HR Online</UikNavTitle>
    <UikNavLink>People in the company</UikNavLink>
    <UikNavLink>Help Desk</UikNavLink>