The Stack and Environment

As described, the stack is React based. The stack is built on top of awesome razzle, a tool which abstracts many complex configuration to run an app into a single dependency. There are many other and more known frameworks, however razzle lets you built your app with your own architectural decisions and gives you more freedom of the whole concept of your app. Feel free to read more about razzle on github.

Run the project

To tun a project, navigate to a project folder with package.json.

npm install or yarnInstall packages/dependencies.
npm run dev or yarn devRuns the project in development mode (supports hot reload). By default you can view your application at. http://localhost:3000
npm run build or yarn buildBuilds the app for production to the build folder. The build is minified and the filenames include the hashes. Your app is ready to be deployed!
npm run start or yarn startRuns the compiled app in production. http://localhost:3000

Project environment variables and configuration

To change, use process.env.VARIABLE.

For more information, visit razzle to read more about razzle env variables if necessary.

VariableDefault ValueDescription
PORT3000Runs app on this port

Typechecking with Flow

By default, typechecking with flow is enabled. To disable flow, remove it from both razzle.config.json and .babelrc files in the root folder of the project.

Server configuration and SSR

For a server configuration, you can explore contents in src/server/* files. By default, SSR is enabled.


For a redux configuration, you can explore src/universal/redux/*.